API: KY - Admitted Premium, Surcharge, & Municipal Tax Calculations

Instructions on how to get up-to-date Admitted insurance tax rates in the state of Kentucky via API through a JSON request.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview & Method
  2. URL Endpoint, Authentication, and API Keys
  3. JSON Sample Request
    1. Description of Request Fields
  4. JSON Response
    1. Description of Response Fields
  5. Version History

Overview & Method

This API allows your management system to quickly query and receive state and municipal tax rates in the state of Kentucky. You will also get the municipal taxing jurisdiction calculated and returned for you as well. 

TIP: There are different methods or approaches to retrieving tax calculations using InsCipher's Access REST API. If you need a quick solution to test out an import and do not currently have one, consider utilizing Postman. 

Authentication and URL

Users are authenticated using an API key, which is provided by your InsCipher implementation specialist. The API key is typically around 40 characters. 


If you are a prospective client, please contact info@inscipher.com to learn how you can get your hands on a test API key.

URL Endpoint:


Note: This URL is the same URL used to calculate admitted and non-admitted (surplus lines taxes). 

HTTP Method:


JSON Request Sample

"admitted": 1,
"physical_state" : "KY",
"physical_address": "1110 Sparks Rd",
"physical_city" : "Lexington",
"physical_zip_code": "40505",
"line_of_business" : "1014",
"policy_effective_date" : "2023-01-01",
"transaction_type" : "PN",
"premium" : 1000.55,
"agency_fee" : 100,
"inspection_fee" : 200

Note: For policies with multiple lines of business, use separate requests for the premium associated with each LOB

Request Field Descriptions

Field Name Description Required Header? Required Value? Accepted Values

Currently, we only provide admitted tax rates for Kentucky so set this value to be "KY".

If you wish to get surplus lines tax rates in all 50 states + US territories and DC, contact info@inscipher.com and we can get you set up. The process for getting surplus line tax rates is very similar.

Yes Yes



admitted For getting Admitted/Premium tax rates, set this value to "1" Yes Yes



policy_effective_date Policy effective date of the original policy. This is what determines the tax rate period as InsCipher stores historical tax rate records. Yes


If omitted, Today's Date will be Used



The physical address of where the majority of the risk resides.
Yes Yes varchar (255)
physical_city The physical city of where the majority of the risk resides. Yes Yes varchar (100)
physical_zip_code The physical zip code of where the majority of the risk resides. Yes Yes

varchar (5) 

line_of_business The type or line of business (aka coverage code). 
  • To get a list of LOB import codes, go here.
Yes Yes string (10)

The transaction or policy type

  • To get a list of all transaction-type import codes, go here.
Yes Yes String (3)
premium Gross premium on the policy Yes Yes decimal (12,2)
agency_fee Total fees charged or retained by the brokerage includes fees such as policy fees, agency fees, filing fees, processing fees, etc. Yes No decimal (12,2)
inspection_fee Total fees charged, mandated, or retained by the carrier include fees such as inspection fees, audit fees, carrier fees, underwriting fees, etc. Yes No decimal (12,2)

JSON Response Sample

    "state": "KY",
    "admitted": 1,
    "policy_effective_date": "2023-01-01",
    "premium": 1000.55,
    "inspection_fee": 200,
    "agency_fee": 100,
    "premium_tax": 26.01,
    "municipal_fee": "65.03",
   "municipal_tax_settings": [
            "municipal_tax_setting": {
                "municipality_name": "Lexington-Fayette",
                "line_category": "inland_marine"
    "stamping_fee": 23.41

Response Field Descriptions

Field Name Notes

matches request value

admitted matches request value
policy_effective_date matches request value
premium matches request value
agency_fee matches request value
inspection_fee matches request value
premium_tax Calculated Premium tax
municipal_fee Calculated Municipal tax (i.e. Local Government Premium Tax)





Two Values Returned:

  1. Calculated local government jurisdiction name (i.e. the municipality name)
  2. Line category for which the municipal taxes are based (used in LGPT reporting)
stamping_fee Calculated Surcharge tax

Policy Type Code and LOB Code Mapping

Kentucky does tax differently, on the municipal level, based on the line of business/coverage code used on the policy.

  • To get a list of LOB import codes, go here.
  • To get a list of all transaction-type import codes, go here.

Change History

Date Description of Change
11/2/2023  Fixed municipal tax settings to allow for multi-LOB responses
12/7/2022 Article creation