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Introducing License Management Request Forms

InsCipher’s License Management Services Clients have a myriad of possible needs related to their licenses. They may need to request new licenses or update their address with the state. The License Management Team is here to help!

InsCipher License Management Services accepts requests for service using the following forms:


  • License Profile
    • Establish a new Producer or Agency in InsCipher’s License Management system.
  • New License Request
    • Request an initial license for a new Agency or Producer (in tandem with a License Profile submission).
    • Request a new license for an established Agency or Producer.
    • Request a new line of authority on an existing license for an established Agency or Producer.
  • License Termination Request
    • Terminate a license for an Agency or Producer.
    • Terminate a line of authority from a license for an Agency or Producer.
    • Remove a Producer from an Agency.
  • Status Change Request
    • Change the name or address of a Producer or Agency.
    • Change the residency of a Producer or Agency.
    • Add/Delete Affiliated Producers of an Agency.
    • Add/Delete Designated Responsible Licensed Producers (DRLP) of an Agency.


When should these forms be used?

All requests of the nature described above should be made via the linked forms.  Utilization of the forms will allow the License Management Team to address your requests with greater efficiency and accuracy.  Team members will submit your request to the appropriate states and then track the request to make sure the license is issued or the address is changed!


Where can I find these forms?

The request forms are accessible via the links in this article (which can be shared and bookmarked for future reference) or via the same links located in the email signatures of our License Management Team.


What should I expect after submitting a request?

Requests can take a few days to a few weeks to complete.  To check the status of your request, you can email licensing@inscipher.com for an update.  In addition, your License Management Dashboard is a powerful tool to check the status of your requests.  For example, the Producer List at top of the Dashboard will display the name of a new producer once the License Profile has been processed.  A Terminated License Request can be confirmed by checking to see that the license status has changed from Active to Inactive in your list of licenses.


*Forms are intended to initiate a request.  We will collect as much relevant information as we can.  However, it is possible that a team member may contact you for additional information in order to complete a request.