New Jersey Transaction Number

The NJ SLA Number are numbers maintained by each client and submitted with the filings

The NJ SLA Number is also known as the “Transaction Control Number.” These numbers are maintained by each client and submitted with the filing transactions within the portal. It’s a bit complex, but this is what the state requests:
“All surplus lines insurance policies, endorsements, affidavits, or certifications must be numbered in consecutive order, prefixed by the assigned five-character SLA number and the year in which the transaction was placed. This will be known as the transaction number. All subsequent documents or endorsements which pertain to the same surplus line’s placement must bear the same transaction number. All documents should have the number affixed in the upper right corner of each piece of correspondence. You will use your SLA number, which is assigned by the Surplus Lines Examining Office when you become licensed with Surplus Lines authority, as the first five characters, then a dash, followed by the last two digits of the year in which the transaction was placed, another dash, followed by a five-digit consecutive number. For example, Agent #00123 would number the first transaction of 2001 as follows: 00123-01-00001. The second, third and fourth placements would be assigned transaction numbers 00123-01-00002, 00123-01- 00003, and 00123-01-00004. At the beginning of each calendar year, you will begin numbering from 00001, with the current year’s last two digits, i.e., 02, 03, 04, etc. The computer field necessary to record the transaction number consists of fourteen (14) spaces: five-character SLA number, dash, two-digit year, dash, five-digit sequential number. Additionally, information can be found in the Instructions for Completing Licensed New Jersey Surplus Lines Producer’s Quarterly Tax Return. The transaction number is required to be reported to the eligible surplus lines insurer(s) which accepted the placement. The SLPS Regulation (N.J.A.C. 11:19-3) provides further details. Questions regarding the above should be directed to William Leach at (609) 292-5350, Ext. 50088.”
Your NJ SLA number can be found in your New Jersey SLIP account:
Note: The same NJ Transaction ID created for a master policy should be used for all subsequent endorsements. 
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