API Solutions - Filing Service Clients

InsCipher offers the following APIs to programmatically POST and GET Information related to the surplus lines tax filing process.

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Type(s) API Name Description of Functionality Use Cases/Benefits


SL Tax Calculator Use InsCipher's tax calculator engine to get returned calculated SL Taxes
  • Submit basic policy details and get calculated SL Taxes and other state-specific taxes (i.e. stamping fees, service charges, municipal fees, etc.)
  • Get information related to filing document requirements including a link to download document templates (blank)
  • Get state stamp wording where applicable and additional informational state notes pertaining to binding a policy
  • Fee restriction logic


Transaction Import Import policy transaction details and documents into InsCipher
  • Import policy transactions
  • Import policy documents (optional)
  • Initial response if the batch was valid and submitted to the queue
GET Transaction Import Status Retrieve the import results for previously imported batches
  • Get the status of import batches with import errors such as tax calculation errors, missing fields, and missing documents
POST Document Import Import policy documents and diligent effort affidavits separately
  • Import documents as a second step after policy transactions have been imported
  • Get a response back whether or not the document was imported
GET Filing Status Return Get filing status updates
  • Get filing status back including items like assigned filing #, filing status, tax paid dates, SLA transaction ids, etc.
  • Not commonly used by Filing Service clients as InsCipher offers the tracking of this information as a paid service so that the client doesn't have to do this step.