IDAHO - Frequently Asked Questions

The Surplus Line Association of Idaho also maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions on its website. To review that list of FAQ's, click here.

How do I submit a filing in InsCipher for the SLA of Idaho to review/approve?

  1. Log in to your account in InsCipher. If you are unsure of your account information, you can reach out to SLAID or InsCipher Support
  2. Once logged in, follow the instructions found here.

How do I file my annual report to the State of Idaho?

Please refer to this article for instructions for reporting and paying SL Taxes to the State of Idaho.

Why did I receive an e-mail saying my license was declined?

The state only allows one instance of a license in the InsCipher portal. If you received an email stating the license was declined it is likely because it is already associated with a User Account in the InsCipher portal. Please refer to this article for further information.

How do I pay my invoice?

Payment to the SLA of Idaho for stamping fees is done electronically through InsCipher. For instructions on setting up your payment account, please refer to this article.

I have a flagged filing. How do I correct the issue?

When the reviewers at SLA of Idaho have identified missing or incorrect information, they will return the filing by flagging it for correction. Review this article for more detail on correcting a flagged filing. For further questions regarding flagged filings, please contact SLAID.

I submitted a filing to the state before it was "ready." How do I correct this?

Contact SLAID with the filing number in question. They will provide further instruction for correction.


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